I Expect You To Die I Expect You To Die I Expect You To Die

I Expect You To Die

Everyone has wanted to be a spy, an international man of mystery using cool gadgets and amazing skills to end schemes plotted by the most evil of villains. Taking its title from the famed James Bond movie quote (said by Goldfinger in the film of the same name), I Expect You to Die puts players in the shoes of an elite spy in impossible situations, and what better way to complete the immersive experience of being a spy than presenting everything in VR, so that you can truly be the operative? The villain is nefarious, and if you play, I sincerely expect you to die. Again and again. It’s part of the allure that makes I Expect You to Die a PSVR must have.

Poison gas? Yeah, that one will probably get you. Explosions? Definitely going to get burnt. Drowning? Hey, it happens. Call it a workplace hazard. I Expect You to Die is a brilliant puzzle game where failure results in death, and successful navigation of each situation leads to feeling like a pretty badass secret agent. I mean, disarming a bomb filled with a airborne virus at the last second before launch is a thrilling feeling, and doing it in VR where immersive presence ups the sense of urgency manages to really get my heart pounding. Death is imminent, waiting behind every botched attempt to overcome the evil villain’s plans. There is no expectation of success. The expectation is right there in the title, and it makes surmounting the odds taste that much sweeter.

Starting up I Expect You to Die drops you into some awesome opening credits that feel like being inside of the opening sequence of a Bond movie. From the song to the noire styled visuals, it’s got that awesome spy feel, albeit a little more on the goofy side of things than your standard takes-itself-too-seriously James Bond opening. It’s all in full VR too, which presents full immersion, and  Schell Games could be praised for this awesome sequence alone. I’ve seen less interesting non-interactive VR presentations that didn’t have gameplay follow them up, so it’s a real testament to how much work and attention to the little details Schell Games put into this to give it that perfect super spy feel.