Here they lie Here they lie Here they lie

Here they lie

The prospect of psychological horror in VR was enough to make me nervous, and Here They Lie did succeed in scaring me at the very beginning. As I trudged through its twisted, nightmarish world, though, that fear soon gave way to unintimidating stealth gameplay and sudden bouts of nausea. It has some solidly spooky concepts to work with, but Here They Lie tries too hard and overstays its welcome as a result.

There’s something truly terrifying about not having any idea where you are or what you’re doing there and not even being able to trust your own eyes. In Here They Lie, part of the horror comes from not knowing if the world is messed up, or if it’s just you. The starting area was the scariest for me because everything was so mysterious — as I moved through a train, shadowy figures appeared before me and then vanished. Showing the threat but not actually sending anything my way as I wandered (with smooth movement using the gamepad) through an unfamiliar, labyrinthine subway station was enough to make me tense up quite a bit.