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Primal Reign

This game is always evolving. We will constantly add, remove (remove less then we add!), change and update this game as we think of cool things to do with it, as well as respond to player feedback.

We do plan to integrate more and more with Steam, by adding achievements and leader boards, so watch this space.

Currently, there is just one level but if there’s interest for this sort of casual, arcade VR game – and this one in particular – we’ll design and add more levels.

One last thing - building VR games has its challenges and there are a lot of limitations on what you can and can’t do – some of the visual limitations are the equivalent to game engines from 5-7 years ago! You’ve got to keep the polygon count as low as possible, keep lighting as simple as possible, and much more. All this means being inventive with the technology at hand and super-optimisation. Currently, VR games can’t have the graphics fidelity of a non-VR AAA FPS game. On our to-do list is working out the best optimisations so it looks great, plays great, but plays on as many VR rigs as possible.