Ocean Descent Ocean Descent Ocean Descent

Ocean Descent

This one has been around the trade show scene for a while now and for good reason. It’s a wonderful showcase of what virtual reality can deliver. this one is more experience than game with very little interaction between the player and the world.
For the experience, players are in a diving cage exploring a wreck in the ocean. The whole thing looks gorgeous and it’s easy to get lost in the moment before a large shark gives you some jump scares.

The whole level is rather short, but there some additional levels that let you look around and just enjoy the beauties of the ocean. Sadly though it’s more of a tech demo than anything else and it’s something I can only see playing once. Its only other value is showing it to people new to VR.

I got a sense of claustrophobia while playing which was both scary and really cool. And when I discovered I could stick my head out of the cage my mind freaked out for a few seconds as some vertigo kicked in when I looked at a bottomless ocean floor. Ocean Descent, while not much of a game, is one of the cooler things I have experienced in VR.