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Sports Bar VR

As you put the PlayStation VR headset on, pop in a pair of earbuds or clamp a pair of headphones over your ears, you cut yourself off from the world. You’re on your own in VR. It’s just you and the game. Yet some games invite other people into that world, whether it’s the party games of Playroom VR, the co-op tank battles of Battlezone, or something distinctly more social.

Sports Bar VR actually started off as Pool Nation VR on HTC Vive earlier this year, but we regretfully had to hand our Vive review unit back before we got a chance to play around with it. Just from watching the trailers, it was clear that this was a space in which to mess around with others – on PSVR, it’s up to six players, while eight is the limit on Vive – whether close friends or random people online, and it takes just a few moments after the game’s introductory tutorial to realise that’s exactly the case.

Yes, there’s a pool game here, and it’s actually pretty good, but the first couple of hours are an exploration of just what you can get away with within this world. I altered my character’s height, making my viewpoint uncomfortably close to the floor or making me tower over everything three metres above the ground, I picked up bar stools and placed them upside down on the bar, tried to balance billiard balls on a coaster I was holding, clipped through the walls, snuck up behind other people playing and pushed my pool cue through the front of their headset… I think I pretty much exhausted all of the stupid ideas I can come up with.