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Batman Arkham

There are few games in the PlayStation VR launch lineup as exciting as Batman Arkham VR. The franchise has been highly successful over the years, everyone loves The Dark Knight, and you get to actually be Batman. And yes, you will definitely say “I am Batman” and for once feel like you mean it.

As a young, short-statured Bruce Wayne, you’re introduced to the corrupt world of Gotham from a knee-high perspective. Bruce horrifically witnesses his parents being gunned down in a dark alley right before his – and in this case, your – very eyes. The assailant then focuses his attention on Bruce, slowly walking toward him and eventually leaning over him, getting in his face to threaten him. You can almost ‘feel’ your internal disgust increase as the perp inches closer with his ugly mug. The introduction scene is extremely well done and introduces you to both Batman lore and the VR experience.