TheBlu TheBlu TheBlu


I keep trying out new virtual reality apps on family members using the HTC Vive Pre. And the latest to catch our attention was TheBlu: Encounter, an undersea VR experience from Wevr.

This kind of VR experience fits in the virtual tourism realm, where you can go someplace in an animated virtual environment that you’re not likely to be able to go to in real life. It’s one of the categories that promises to establish the market for virtual reality, which tech adviser Digi-Capital predicts will be a $30 billion market by 2020.

VR is a new frontier, and we’re at the very beginning of it. Dozens of apps are coming, and some of them will truly make you feel like you are somewhere else. The Oculus Rift launched today on the PC, and the HTC Vive is coming in the first week of April.