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Overkill VR

Several weeks ago, we posted an article on the new virtual reality game called Overkill VR, and just a few days ago we finally got the chance to experience a beta version of the game. Developed by the Spanish game development team Game Troopers, Overkill VR is one of the many FPS games for VR, but it takes gameplay to more realistic direction. Steam Early Access for the game opens on November 16th, 2016.

Your digital avatar in Overkill VR faces difficult situations as the leader of an resistance movement. The goal is to fight and win over the terrorist organization called “The Faction.” Enemies are coming in waves and you have to clear them in order to go further to the end of the zone. Pretty much how a fight in the real life would look like, without heroics such as running and thinking no bullet would come your way. The Early Access version features seven levels and eight guns – resulting in quite the real shooter experience. In our first article we mentioned some minor problems like bullet travel time and gun accuracy. Having tried the Early Access version, we are glad to say these problems are all fixed.