DriveClub DriveClub DriveClub


We hope Sony’s marketing team knows what they’re getting themselves in for with the PS4 Pro. Not only have they got to explain what it is and why you need a 4KTV to get the most out of it, but they’ve also got to counter the fact that without it many PlayStation VR games aren’t going to run in any kind of satisfying manner. Or at least we assume PS4 Pro will sort out the problems with games like Driveclub VR. Because playing it on an ordinary PlayStation 4 is a horribly frustrating experience.
On the face of it Driveclub VR should have been the PlayStation VR’s killer app. Driving games naturally work very well with virtual reality, providing a functional cockpit view that makes the game both more realistic and just as easy to play as using a chase cam. They also tend to create less nausea than games with more complex controls, although Driveclub VR does have some issues in that area thanks to the graphical problems we’ll get to in a moment.
The first thing to make clear though is that this is not just the original game with a VR mode attached. But it’s also not a completely new game. It is instead a bit of both, with most of the content from the original and a few new tracks and options on top. But it’s distinct enough from the previous release that you can’t reuse your same save, and so have to start unlocking everything again from scratch.