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Payday 2 VR

The open beta for Payday 2 VR was recently launched via Steam, with the virtual reality (VR) version being made available for free to anyone who owns a copy of Payday 2 on PC. However, VR users who have an Oculus Rift are facing significant issues to enjoying daring bank heists in VR – namely that the Oculus Touch controllers do not work.

Developers OVERKILL have posted a pinned topic on the Payday 2 Steam forums, advising users that while the ability to play with Oculus Rift has not been tampered with or removed, it is not currently officially supported, so users who choose to play with Oculus Rift instead of HTC Vive, the officially supported platform, will likely face issues.

The development team have confirmed that they will be ‘looking into’ Oculus Support over the Beta period, and as a way to begin the process, have introduced a Hotfix update that allows Payday 2 VR to recognised controllers with touchpads, thus allowing the Oculus touch controllers to function. Another addition will allow controllers with joysticks to work with the VR version.

The developers have emphasised that Oculus Rift support is not yet completely implemented, and further works needs to be done. The latest update also points out that Payday 2 VR is designed for room-scale, so Oculus Rift users will need to ensure they have at least three sensors set up to play as intended.