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Moss VR

Moss — coming to PlayStation VR in February 2018 — encourages players to break out of stiff (or in my case, slouched) postures on the couch and move around. I was surprised to hear after finishing one puzzle chamber that if I leaned forward a bit and looked to my left, I could see the room I was in before.

“That’s a feature that we’re aiming to incorporate into actual puzzle solving,” said Tam Armstrong, CEO and engineer of Polyarc Games. “You might be working on something in front of you and need to look back to the other room to see how your actions are affecting the puzzle.”

“It could be a tree branch or a vine that obscures your view, but it’s there to encourage you to move it out of the way,” artist Chris Alderson added. “Interacting with the environment increases your immersion, reminding you every so often that you’re really there.

“We don’t want to make everything easy and present all of it at once.”

From just playing the demo, I could tell the attention to detail was indeed a labor of love — painstakingly thought out, lush and warm. The lighting, texturing and sound design all made me feel like I was inside a familiar storybook.