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Tiny Trax

The first thing that I noticed while playing Tiny Trax was that the racing game was difficult. In my first race I ended up coming in dead last. I had gone through a tutorial that taught me all the basics, but actually implementing all of the skills I had learned was a whole different ball game. The main reason for my poor performance was that I was absolutely terrible at drifting.

Drifting is absolutely the heart and soul of Tiny Trax. When going around a corner an on-screen bar will appear, as long as the player can tilt the left analog stick of the DualShock 4 controller enough to hit the green spot then they’ll gain valuable nitrous that they’ll need to pass opponents. However, if they tilt a bit too far then the car will stall out and stop moving on the track. Finding the perfect balance to go around corners gracefully takes some track time and once I got the hang of it I was able to come in third place rather than dead last.

Further nuance is found in switching lanes, as cars can go around corners faster if they’re on the inside route. The action goes by quick in Tiny Trax, so asking the player to balance lane changes while also making sure they don’t mess up a turn is no small ordeal. Despite not winning a single race in my first several hours with the game, I kept becoming a better racer. It was a satisfying learning curve, and while I still rarely win a race against the AI (I ended up faring slightly better against friends online), I’m pretty much a lock for second place.