Robinson The Journey Robinson The Journey Robinson The Journey

Robinson The Journey

Robinson: The Journey is a game about exploration. While many VR experiences drop you in a cockpit and let the gameplay speak for itself, Crytek’s PlayStation VR effort relishes in taking you on an immersive and memorable journey. Throughout the six-hour adventure on Tyson III, I found myself wandering this strange new planet with a sense of childlike excitement. This is the first PSVR game where I truly feel like I’m exploring another world. For many, this story-led adventure will provide welcome relief, proving that virtual reality is a medium worth investing in, offering more than just pick-up-and-play fun.

Meshing bleak Sci-Fi sensibilities with environments lifted straight out of Jurassic Park, fittingly, Robinson: The Journey lets you live out your childhood dreams through the eyes of a child.

Stranded on the strange and dangerous planet of Tyson III, this unfamiliar landscape is experienced through the eyes of Robin, the lone survivor of a mysterious crash. A year has passed since his escape pod wound up on Tyson III, and thanks to the help of his miraculously intact, floating AI companion, HIGS, Robin has managed to forge a new life for himself.