Arizona Sunshine Arizona Sunshine Arizona Sunshine

Arizona Sunshine

Arizona Sunshine originally came out on Oculus and Vive at the end of 2016. It was highly regarded as one of the best VR games at the time but PlayStation VR owners felt left out of the fun. Six months later, the brightly lit zombie shooter is finally releasing for PSVR, tailored specifically to the variety of control options that it offers, though there have been some concessions made in bringing it to the platform.

Waking up in a shabby encampment, the survivor makes his way out into the bright Arizona sunshine to seek survivors. The bright light is a distinction that sets it apart from most other zombie games. The only other one that comes immediately to mind is Dead Island. You can choose from any of the three control methods (DualShock 4, Move, or Aim), with each presenting their own advantages and disadvantages. The DualShock 4 means no buying any extra peripherals if you don’t have them and can do both the teleporting and free movement. The problem is that you are limited to a single gun in your hands, and it can feel unnatural trying to lift the DualShock to aim down sights.